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1. How to Select a Genuine Exporter?

Knowledge, Quality and Source of the Product

We need to understand whether the company or the concerned person has knowledge on the subject or the product. We also need to probe lot of questions about quality parameters, specifications, importing countries documentation, and Pricing of the Product etc.

2. Can you offer other products in Agro Products (Spices, Herbs, and Agro Commodities) industry apart from your list in the website?

If you need a product which is not mentioned at our site, you can let us know the product details you are interested in and we will guide you if the product is worth importing from India because we believe in giving only quality products which are worth to export.

3. Please give some information on Shipping mode and charges?

Normal modes of shipment are – “Sea Freight” and “Air Freight”. However we also use Courier, Post, and EMS etc. upon requests from customers. The shipping charges may vary according to the size of shipment, destination and Mode of dispatch. C.I.F. rates are quoted if you inform us the exact quantity, destination and mode of dispatch preferred by you.

4. How can I get a Quote / Price List / Catalogue?

Please fill the Request for Quotation Form or mail us your requirement.

5. How long it will take for you to respond/attend our enquiry?

We are very prompt. We will surprise you with our speed whether it is presales, during sales or post sales. We are available 24×7 in all the chatting tools – WhatsApp which is convenient to you. We are available in the number listed on the site.

6. Do you have all the certifications?

Yes, we have all the certification as and when required depending on the country. We would request you to check with regard to the country specific certifications before enquiring.

7. Which are the countries to which you export your products?

We export all over the world. You name the country. We are open and do the tie-ups with all the customers and countries.