Livestock feeds 

Livestock feeds are food materials such as hay, straw, roughage, grasses and legumes fed to farm animals to nourish them. Most of the livestock are either inedible to man, or surplus.

Types Of Feeds

1. Energy Yielding Feeds: Sources include cereals (maize, millet, guinea corn, etc), cassava tubers and peels, yam peels, banana peels, plantain peels, rice and wheat bran, herbages (fresh or preserved), etc. 

2. Protein Yielding Feeds: Plants sources of proteins include soy bean meals, groundnut cake, palm kernel cake, cotton seed meal, sunflower seed meal, Legume pasture, etc. Animal sources include fish meal, blood meal, meat offal, etc.

3. Fats And Oils (Lipids): Sources include oil seeds like groundnuts, palm kernel, coconut, soya bean etc.

4. Minerals: Sources include bone meal, fish meal, blood meal, grasses and legumes forages, cereal grains, oyster shell meal, salt licks and synthetic mineral supplements.

5. Vitamin-Yielding Feeds: Sources include, green forages, yellow maize, colostrum, wheat offal, yeast, cereal grains, soya beans, rice bran, silage, legumes, leafy vegetables, etc.

Different types of Animal Feeds:

⦁ Poultry Feed

⦁ Cattle Feed

⦁ Broiler Premix

⦁ Oil Cake

⦁ Camel Feed

⦁ Goat Feed

⦁ Horse Feeds

⦁ Rabbit Feed

⦁ Sheep Feed

⦁ Pig Feed

⦁ Rodent Food

⦁ Corn Silage

⦁ Pellet Feed

⦁ Animal Fodder